At ADC Safety is our first concern for our employees as well as those who work with us.

Each employee is trained prior to being released into the field to perform any duties of the company, then ongoing training is also provided by our safety staff and outside consultants to insure the highest level of safety is maintained on our projects. Employees know safety is our top concern and we pride ourselves on a stellar EMR Safety Rating. We adhere to strict safety program and actively work with our insurance company and consultants to bring the highest level of training to all of our staff.

We believe a large part of our growth and continued success comes from our employees embracing the Safety First strategy and executing that in their daily activities. Our safety policy reaches not only employees, but our subcontractors, clients, communities and the company.

Performance Key Indicators

  • EMR Less than Industry Average (NCIS)
  • Lost Time Incident Rate Less than Industry Average (Bureau of Labor/Statistics)
  • Injury Frequency Rate Less than Industry Average (Bureau of Labor/Statistics)